Number 9 Chocolate Truffle

Perfect for chocolate lovers, Overloaded chocolates with many small details.

You like extravagant cakes and you want to show the world how long you’ve been in the world? We have an individual Number cake in different colors for every taste! Your celebration is a huge eye-catcher with a cake in the shape of your age. Age plays a big role. From toddlers to adults you have the choice to get a great Number cake! The cakes are available from 0 – 9 or 10 – 99! The party will be an absolute blast!

This number form cake is always covered with Kitkat and then decorated with a printed cake topper. We wish you lots of fun with your chosen personal Number cake! Get your age as a cake now and enjoy both your new year and the deliciousness with your loved ones. The cake is also ideal for a company that wants to celebrate an anniversary. You can simply celebrate your age as a cake there.

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Number 9 Chocolate Truffle