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“description”: “Brownies is a traditional Indian dessert made with a sponge cake soaked in a mixture of three milks: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. The cake is then topped with a whipped cream frosting and sometimes garnished with fruit or cinnamon. “,
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Assorted fudgy brownies are the perfect crisp crackly top, super fudgy center, chewy or gooey in all the right places, studded with melted chunks of chocolate.


Each ingredient comes measured AND weighed to make your baking easy! Worlds Best Fudgiest Brownies really live up to their name.



are Pure. Chocolate. Heaven. This brownie recipe guarantees that you will never go back to a boxed brownie mix, let alone try yet another brownie recipe.

The bad news? Eating the entire tray of fudge cakes in one sitting.
They are absolutely incredibly fudgy the next day AND the day after that, and even stay fudgy after freezing them.

The batter itself is to DIE for! Good luck NOT licking the spoon and bowl clean.

I knew in my heart this recipe is a winner.

a special addition gives these brownies a super fudgy center without losing that crispy, crackly top!