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Yes, we hit the dessert trifecta with this one! It makes a great gift, you can take it anywhere (picnics, anyone?), and is there really anything cuter than miniature Chocolate mousse dessert jars?


Cake Jars

I’ve seen lots of other cake-in-a-jar recipes, but many of them involve baking the cake in glass jars, then putting frosting on top.

This concept of layering cut slices of cake and frosting was so much more appealing to me, because you can control how much cake (and how much frosting, om nom nom!) you put in the jar.

For frosting-lovers like myself, cake in a jar is basically the best invention since sliced bread.

Wait, never mind, cake in a jar is WAY BETTER than boring sliced bread. It’s equal parts cake and frosting, which in my mind is the ideal ratio.

There’s just something about the fluffy and light, yet sweet richness to them that is positively addicting, in the very best way.

I wanted to make these jars a little extra special, so instead of regular cream cheese frosting.

I made strawberry rose cream cheese frosting. It’s fruity, with a delicate floral flavor that is so delicious with the tangy cream cheese